The image of manhood that our culture presents can often be confusing and difficult for young men.


Director Alex TsonasAs an all-male student community, we are able to give our students a place to step back and focus on their identity as young men without the added pressures that so often characterizes teenage development. 


At Seaport Academy, we want our students to have a healthy sense of self that is not limited by narrow or extreme stereotypes. Our students can explore what it means to be a leader in a supportive environment.


They can learn to manage and express their feelings. They can take academic risks, knowing there will be a safety net of support. They can develop new skills and imagine a wider range of futures that go beyond “sports hero” and “warrior.” 


Seaport students experience compassion and empathy and, in turn, learn to be compassionate themselves. They learn to be good friends, manage conflict thoughtfully. collaborate with respect, and be part of a team. We empower them with a strong sense of self along with self-awareness and increased reserves of resilience. We help them to become good men and good people strong, positive, kind and accomplished. 


We hope that you reach out to learn more our school, our people and our student-centered programs. We look forward to connecting soon.