Our Home in Chelsea, Mass.

Chelsea, Mass., home to Seaport Academy, sits on a vibrant stretch of Boston Harbor. The city was first called Winnisimmet by the Naumkeag tribe, who lived there for thousands of years prior to European colonization in the 1600s. Samuel Maverick became the first European to settle permanently in Winnisimmet in 1624 and his palisaded trading post is considered the first permanent settlement by Boston Harbor. Incorporated as a town by the settlers in 1739, Chelsea was renamed for a neighborhood in London, England. It was later incorporated as a city in 1857.


The city has a storied history from being the site of the second battle of the Revolutionary War to becoming a powerhouse in wooden sailing ship construction in the 19th Century to being a welcoming destination for immigrants – first from Russia and today from El Salvador and Honduras.


While the city suffered a decline in population and revenue after World War II, it is enjoying a period of population growth and economic development. Chelsea is home to a vibrant international food community; the Apollinaire Theatre Company, known for cutting-edge contemporary work; the Mary O’Malley Waterfront Park; and much more.


The city’s waterfront is the perfect setting for Seaport Academy’s hands-on, adventure-filled program. Founded more than 20 years ago with a maritime focus, we continue to provide a curriculum, classes and activities that offer young men the opportunity to learn about small boat construction, aquatic life and conservation, and environmental stewardship.  


The image at the top is of the C Henry Kimball House.