Social-Emotional Learning

Seaport Academy’s experience with the special needs of boys has resulted in a program proven to help students achieve positive social-emotional outcomes.


Just as we help students focus on academic achievement, we support their social-emotional growth. Therapeutic and clinical supports are built into every aspect of our program. Our focus is on evidence-based services that help students achieve personal growth and self-regulation. Evidence-based practice combines of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of the student’s individual characteristics, culture and preferences. 


What this means at Seaport is that we work closely with the student and their family or guardian to understand who each of our students is as an individual and what the student needs to grow as a person, gain confidence in themselves and regain a sense of hope and positivity about the future.


Our small, single-sex program gives students the chance to have experiences they may have missed previously. Here, they can excel in math, play on a team, give back through a service project, or step up and be a leader as part of a community that values their ideas, participation and achievement. Some students take community college courses. 


We are committed to helping our students rediscover what it means to enjoy learning and to grow personally while they grow academically. With the support of clinicians and teachers experienced in working with students with social-emotional challenges, our students gain agency over who they are and how they learn, overcoming barriers as they advance successfully to college or careers