Our Program

The staff at our small specialized school for young men in Grades 8-12 understands the transformative power of learning by doing.


Our flexible, adventure-filled program helps our students connect traditional educational subject matter to real-world applications.


Here, students build their academic and social-emotional success using Seaport Academy’s four key components, which uniquely align with the requirements of their home districts. 


  • Collaborative problem-solving with our partnership approach to building productive relationships, identifying barriers to success and overcoming previous pitfalls.

  • Student-centered academics that include intensive learning supports, ??? projects, integrated executive functioning skill building and social-emotional learning.

  • Evidence-based clinical services that help students focus on personal growth and self-regulation.

  • A transition component grounded in life skills and planning for life after Seaport.


The journey is different for each student, because there can be many paths to the same destination.


Some students excel in math; some grow through team-building activities. For others learning can look like computer work or woodwork. Our online learning platforms integrate learning and web-based communications and research tools. Some students take community college courses. Seaport students also build bikes and chairs, care for homeless pets, clean the Charles River and support local assistance programs.


We are invested in our students’ journey to rediscover what it means to enjoy learning and to grow personally and academically. We align our curriculum to the goals of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and set clear and ambitious expectations with our students.


Our teachers and clinicians use a variety of well-tested and evidence-based methods to prepare every student for careers, college or vocational training. And we help them plot their course and stay on track for what they plan.