Fast Facts About Seaport Academy






  • Founded in 1999

  • Serving young men, grades 8–12, with nonverbal learning challenges

  • Located on the waterfront in Chelsea, Mass.

  • A collaborative, flexible community that supports the needs and aspirations of its students

  • State-approved Chapter 766 special education program licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

  • 28 students

  • 1:2 adult-to-student ratio

  • Average class size: 5-7

  • Seaport Academy is operated by Schools for Children.


  • Highly personalized teaching, integrated with learning supports and 

  • Group and individual counseling, and family therapy as part of our program

  • Project-based, experiential curriculum
     that develops academic and interpersonal abilities

  • Outstanding, experienced team of teachers and counselors

  • Special focus on communication, personal organization, social skills and relationship-building using the Collaborative Problem Solving model

  • Conforms to Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks

  • Interdisciplinary and project-based core academic subjects

  • Strong focus on maritime and historical themes and urban studies

  • A fully integrated service-learning program

  • Seaport Institutes

  • College courses at Bunker Hill Community College

  • New technology initiative helps students integrate learning and web-based communication and research tools

  • Competitive, interscholastic teams and a physical education program that encourages healthy activity

  • Outdoor adventures, social events and school trips

  • Afternoon electives and clubs

  • Active parent organization


  • Majority MCAS pass rate by graduation  
  • A highly personalized transition program supports students entering careers or choosing higher education