Play Hard

Many Seaport Academy students come to us without having had opportunities to play on teams, learn new physical skills consistently or compete athletically.


At Seaport, we want all our students to have the experience of seeing themselves progress physically as well as academically and personally, and feel like part of a team. Sports are a natural and friendly way to test one’s skills against others. They offer experiences of winning and losing, managing emotion and strength, fair play, leadership and cooperation. At Seaport, all students are encouraged to get in the game.


Physical education, team sports and recreational activities are also integrated with learning activities, but we also offer dedicated sports and physical education several times a week. From time to time, we offer new sports in response to student interest.


Regular sports include:



Sailing is a core sport at Seaport—one that requires skill, patience and strength. Sailing helps connect our students to the natural environment and gives them a unique sense of freedom. All Seaport Academy students have the opportunity to learn to sail and handle a boat. 



We focus on teaching the game as well as on developing skills, coordination and fitness. During each session, students participate in warm-ups, practices and short games. Students also have the opportunity to play on Seaport Academy’s basketball team, which is affiliated with the Greater Boston Basketball League (GBBL).


Fitness & Weight Training

The fitness program emphasizes the development of cardio-vascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.


Ice Skating

In the winter months Seaport Academy offers skating instruction once a week with additional opportunities to practice new skills.



Interested students may attend a riding program offered through Windrush Farm.


Hiking/Kayaking/Rock Climbing


Seaport offers frequent opportunities for students to engage in outdoor adventures.


For more about our adventure program, click here.


What The Research Is Saying

Research consistently shows that physical learning and regular physical activity have profound effects on mood, behavior, health and intellectual and cognitive development. This is one reason why we incorporate physical learning into so many of Seaport’s courses, activities and projects.