Student-centered academics

Collaborative problem-solving

Evidence-based clinical services

Hands-on life-skills

Building community

Why Seaport Academy?


Our all-male academy focuses on the particular needs of young men in Grades 8-12, helping them successfully navigate academic and extracurricular activities that they may have found too challenging in a traditional setting. Here, they can excel in math, play on a team, give back through a service project, or step up and be a leader as part of a community that values their ideas, participation and achievement. 

Our Program

“This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion and respect. They model the behavior they want to see in their students. They practice what they preach at this school.”


“My son is thriving in this school. They have given them the opportunity for a future. They go the extra mile to make sure students understand they have an opportunity to be anything they want.”

Our Approach