Baby lobster

A Lobster is not a Worksheet.

People don't all learn the same way. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others. Some students struggle with the structure and expectations of their schools. Because learning issues so often undermine confidence and a student's willingness to engage with others, many of our students have missed out on important academic and social experiences.

Research increasingly shows that boys learn differently from girls and that learning challenges are often connected to difficult social challenges. Seaport Academy's experience with the special needs of boys has resulted in a proven program that helps students achieve positive outcomes. Our small, single-sex program gives our students the chance to get back some of those experiences they have missed. Here, they can excel in math, play on a team, give back through a service project, or step up and be a leader because they are part of a community that values their ideas, participation and achievement.

In our hands-on program, Seaport students build bikes and chairs, experiment with aquaculture, care for homeless pets and deliver supplies to local assistance programs. We strive to help our students rediscover what it means to enjoy learning and to grow—personally and academically. By aligning our curriculum to the goals of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and setting clear and ambitious expectations, we give students the best opportunity to graduate, gain confidence and skills and advance successfully to college or careers.

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about Seaport Academy. Thanks for your interest!

Alex Tsonas
Director, Seaport Academy