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Features and Fish Tales From Seaport Academy

atsonas ::: Academics

This spring, two students from Seaport will be attending a class at Bunker Hill.  This is the result of hard work by the students to prepare to take on this higher level of academic challenges.  The students, Floyd Masters and Jim Phillips, have been enrolled in Seaport’s College Prep elective since where they have been focusing on organization, study skills and time management.  Both Floyd and Jim are enrolled in a Fundamentals of Mathematics course where they will build a base to move on to even more advanced courses.  They are excited to be among college students and get a taste of what

atsonas ::: Academics

Students got a mid - winter “break” from the hum drum of daily indoor activities and a chance to earn one extra term’s credit in English, and/or one other academic subject during a special two week curriculum program. The Academic Fair concept allowed students to work on content that they chose individually to motivate them by piquing interests.

mtringali ::: Community

The students of Seaport Academy worked with Boston Parks and Recreation “Boston Blooms,” Diane Valle and Green Thumbs Program, and Massachusetts Horticultural Society staff Charlie Harris and Newt Woods to plant 1500 daffodils in Charlestown.

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pwexler ::: Activities



Students at Seaport began the new school year with the annual rafting derby at Stiles Pond in Boxford, MA. Accompanied by staff members John, Bry, Alex, and Rob, the young men of Seaport were divided into three teams and tasked with constructing rafts out of plastic jugs, rope, duct tape, and garbage bags.

After the teams finished constructing their rafts, they each chose one team member to pilot the raft in a race to the opposite end of the pond and back.

pwexler ::: Program News, Activities

Last Friday, Seaport students participated in our 12th annual Seaport ropes course. The event, held at the beautiful Hale Reservation, is one of our favorite back-to-school events.