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What in the world is a GMO? Seaport students find out!
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As a Seaport student, you are required to take a nutrition class. A high school nutrition class usually conjures up images of the food pyramid and growth chart, but at Seaport we take a much deeper look at the food we are putting into our bodies. Students have been learning all about factory farms, processed foods and the importance of eating a clean diet: food that is as close to its original form as possible. The class has engaged in many important discussions over the government and their role in subsidizing commodity crops rather than fruits and vegetables. After viewing a video of the body’s inability to break down Ramen noodles and Gatorade (a common teenage meal) students began questioning everything they were putting into their mouths. The class also became increasingly aware of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which are organisms whose genetic material has been changed using genetic engineering techniques. The class will continue to look at these issues, as well as the upcoming farm bill of 2012 to see what they can do to make healthy food more accessible. To learn more about GMOs, please visit To view the video on the digestion of Ramen noodles, please visit here