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A Visit to the ICA
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On Wednesday, May 11th, Seaport students visited the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) located in the Seaport district of Boston. The first exhibit we viewed was called “The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl”. One piece that caught the attention of the students was a sculpture where hundreds of records were stacked around a steel pole to create what looked like an ancient structure with Peruvian pottery and smashed records surrounding the vase. This sculpture generated much discussion and questions about the artist’s choice of materials and the meaning of the sculpture. Other parts of the exhibit included various experimental music, large 3D photographs of Elvis’s studio with 3D glasses and the students’ favorite, a room filled with records and six record players with headphones.

The second exhibit we visited was a photography installation by Catherine Opie called “Twelve Miles to the Horizon”. Catherine was a passenger on a container ship from Korea to Long Beach, California and photographed the sunrise and sunset over a ten-day period. One interesting fact that the students were very surprised to learn was that the horizon is always 12 miles away. Catherine’s photographs caught the attention of the students because of their simplicity and their incredible beauty.

After the tour of the museum, students worked for about an hour in the art lab, which is located on the first floor of the museum. Students were given blank album covers and materials and were asked to create their own album covers. The students' creations included fictional comic book characters to drawings of the student’s hometown. In this way, the ICA captivated the students’ attention because they are not just looking at art; they were creating their own masterpieces.