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A High Flying Start to the Year!
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Last Friday, Seaport students participated in our 12th annual Seaport ropes course. The event, held at the beautiful Hale Reservation, is one of our favorite back-to-school events. 

We started the day with some low elements. Designed to encourage students to problem-solve and work together, these challenges involved leaping from low wood platforms and swinging from ropes. While it took the team a while to settle into the task, in the end we managed to meet the challenges. Even some not-so-fit staff members (including this one) made it across with help from the team.

The second part of the day was devoted to high ropes elements. Students took turns challenging themselves to “tightrope walk” 40 feet in the air. While we had safety harnesses, helmets and other gear and were in no physical danger, the element proved emotionally and physically challenging. Everyone who took part agreed it was a great learning experience.

The last element involved a “Giant Swing”. This was fun and frightening and almost all students and staff were able to take part.

After a sandwich buffet, birthday celebration and a few impromptu foot races, we returned to school exhilarated and ready for our next adventure.