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Harbor Walk
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By Melissa and James 

As May begins, so do the outdoor activities at Seaport Academy.  The school’s location in the Charlestown Navy Yard allows for students to learn about many of Boston and Charlestown’s important sites as they exercise. On Fridays during P.E. class, students explore the Historic North End of Boston and the culturally significant landmarks on the Harbor Walk.  During walks, students learn about plants, historic graveyards, monuments, local traditions and more as they explore and photograph the experience.

At the beginning of the month, students James and Isaac opted to walk through the North End while creating a photo-journal for the blog.  Highlights from the walk include playing the banjo at the Paul Revere Monument, visiting Quincy Market and enjoying pizza at Haymarket.  James calculates the best part of his experience below:

"The Harbor Walk gets a thumbs up.  We went with Melissa, Cody, Bry and Isaac along the water.  My favorite part was the walking because it was a lot of exercise.  We walked a couple of hours and went four miles.  All in all, we walked about one mile per hour."