The Barnacle

Features and Fish Tales From Seaport Academy

mtringali ::: Learning Institute

Photo by drb62

Boston is one of a kind. We have our own traditions and foods…. even our own movies!

mari ::: Adventures

Seaport Goes Skiing!It was a fine Wednesday morning as a group of Seaport Academy students boarded the van for our first of four winter ski trips to Pat’s Peak in Henniker New Hampshire.

A short 90 minutes later, we were getting the students through the rental line and lined up for lessons. The temperature was a perfect 28 degrees at the bottom of the mountain to make for a perfect day on the slopes.

mari ::: Community

Over the holiday season, Seaport Academy got into the spirit and spread season's greetings and holiday cheer throughout the community—and also took some time to prepare planters for spring.