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Features and Fish Tales From Seaport Academy

mtringali ::: Community

The students of Seaport Academy worked with Boston Parks and Recreation “Boston Blooms,” Diane Valle and Green Thumbs Program, and Massachusetts Horticultural Society staff Charlie Harris and Newt Woods to plant 1500 daffodils in Charlestown.

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pwexler ::: Community

Seaport hosted some unusual guests these last few weeks: seven orphaned chicks from staff member Perri’s farm. The chicks’ mother had been killed by a fox and after they were rescued, Perri brought them to school to provide a little spring cheer. The students helped care for these birds, and even named their favorites.

pwexler ::: Community


Spring yard cleanup is perhaps the most dreadful thing that I ever need to do, but for some reason, Seaport’s recent clean-up of the training field in Charlestown was a spectacularly rejuvenating experience.

pwexler ::: Community, Curriculum

Juan and Noel working off some steam.

mari ::: Community

Over the holiday season, Seaport Academy got into the spirit and spread season's greetings and holiday cheer throughout the community—and also took some time to prepare planters for spring.