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Features and Fish Tales From Seaport Academy

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As every student and staff member at Seaport Academy will tell you, finishing high school is not the end, it is a beginning.


From the moment a student joins us at Seaport, we begin planning for the student’s transition to a career or postsecondary education with formal classes and in regular meetings with our staff. 

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Seaport Academy, in accordance with Governor Charlie Baker's order to close all school buildings through the end of the 2019-20 school year, is engaging with students and their families using remote platforms. Continuing through the summer months, this will help to ensure that our students learning and social-emotional development continues. 

atsonas ::: Academics, Electives

The enticing aroma of warm, sugary goodness floods the hallowed hallways…are we at the Top of the Hub? Finale? Bertucci’s?

atsonas ::: Academics, Electives

As a Seaport student, you are required to take a nutrition class. A high school nutrition class usually conjures up images of the food pyramid and growth chart, but at Seaport we take a much deeper look at the food we are putting into our bodies. Students have been learning all about factory farms, processed foods and the importance of eating a clean diet: food that is as close to its original form as possible.

atsonas ::: Academics

This spring, two students from Seaport will be attending a class at Bunker Hill.  This is the result of hard work by the students to prepare to take on this higher level of academic challenges.  The students, Floyd Masters and Jim Phillips, have been enrolled in Seaport’s College Prep elective since where they have been focusing on organization, study skills and time management.  Both Floyd and Jim are enrolled in a Fundamentals of Mathematics course where they will build a base to move on to even more advanced courses.  They are excited to be among college students and get a taste of what