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A Trip to the Decordova Sculpture Park and Museum
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Seaport Academy Student, Isaac MAyper poses with Eve Celebrant, a 1991 Work by artist Marianna Pineda which shows the influence Of african traditions.

Seaport Academy student Isaac Mayper successfully navigated the school’s petition process to gain an extracurricular art experience at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

With camera in hand, Isaac created a work of art all his own: a photojournal to document his walk through the museum’s 35-acre sculpture park. 

the interactive, percussion installation by Paul Matisse, The Musical Fence (1980) was originally Installed in Cambridge. The famous kendall square T station also features a work by paul Matisse.

Another favorite was Jim Dine’s Two Big Black Hearts, (1985) in which visitors are encouraged to inspect iconic imagery, looking beyond face value to see what hearts really can be made out of.

Pop Artist Jim Dine's "Two Big Black Hearts" incorporates casts of various objects, including hands, faces, seashells, hammers, and other tools into the surface of the hearts.

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