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Fire and Ice - Seaport's Mid-Year Academic Fair
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Students got a mid - winter “break” from the hum drum of daily indoor activities and a chance to earn one extra term’s credit in English, and/or one other academic subject during a special two week curriculum program. The Academic Fair concept allowed students to work on content that they chose individually to motivate them by piquing interests. Choosing from topics including Firepower, Ring of Fire, Pompeii, Exploring the Himalaya’s, Shackleton, Frozen War and Winter Weather, students researched, wrote a summary and works cited, produced a bar graph, and created a presentation poster. They had the option of creating an additional project component. A few students performed experiments comparing the freezing properties of ocean vs. fresh water showing how Shackleton’s ship could have frozen into Weddell Bay, and the upward force of gaseous pressure illustrating the pyroclastic blast force of volcanoes, and creating a cloud in a jar showing how precipitation forms in the atmosphere. A couple more students showed off their creative abilities by making a diorama of Shackleton’s Endurance stuck in the ice, and a special poster of a volcano erupting. Since this was such a positive experience for students and staff alike, we intends to make this a regular part of our curriculum and have an Academic Fair during the last week of each term.